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Bonus generational points if you get the title reference.  Someone on the SCA scribes group recently asked what folks work spaces looked like so it's time for some studio pictures.  One of the requirements of buying our house was that my lord needed his own office and I needed my own studio space. Scribing is - by no means - the only art I work on and so having space where projects can get laid out, left out, and worked on without interference from furry felines or the rest of the world is extremely important for me.

 This first one is my main work space.  It's a little cluttered looking here but mostly that's poor lighting as it's late afternoon in these pictures. This is my central desk with light coming in from a side window, an overhead fan light, and a desk lamp. I also have an ott lite that isn't shown here. Love the rolling chair and the laminate wood flooring (great for spills).   The phoenix on the wall was painted by me and is a stylized design given to me by a good friend.

 A better view of the table. Glass - which was necessary as I ended up destroying a wooden desk I had over time A number of organizers are suspended on the wall for easy access to oft-used materials.  The photo on the upper right is my pelican and my protege-sister and I.

One of the scribal storage spots - as the supplies outgrew the original drawer.  there actually is a method of organization to the pile involving carefully stacked bottles of liquid and pigment.

 The studio's fabric and fiber shelving. Go Ikea!  The drawers hold smaller items and the rest is fabric generally organized by color range. the top of the shelf currently has a friend's sewing machine, my "tree of shiny items" with event tokens, and a blanket where the cats sleep when the are allowed in the room.
 Storage area (all labeled) for paper and small items. The oven is for polymer clay. There's also a pile of half completed miscellaneous projects on the floor here at any given time, all organized by individual bags or boxes.  We currently have guests staying with us for an extended period so there's far more clutter here than normal.
The masks are all ones I've made, some not period, some period.

 This chair is usually comfy and free of clutter but at the moment, see reference to guests.  I like to read here and sometimes the husband or a friend parks here when they want to keep me company. There is a plethora of phoenix and ferret plush animals on the back, including my very first stuffed dog from when I was a wee scribe.
 Some of my art sci awards

 Above the shelf - I like inspirational signs and art.

This is an idea stolen from a good friend - an art alter.  It has some inspirational cards on it that I try to look through before I start a project. The rest of the items are bits and bobs collected from travel (the dreamweaver on the wall has a stone from glastonbury tor and was a cherished gift from my protege sister.)  When I need a brain break I get up and play with the items on the alter, move them around, fiddle with them, and generally give myself a stretch and a chance to get some new perspective.


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