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How art attracts coffee

My week (or the last two) have been mostly filled with work flailing and a great deal of small projects that were around the house and needed to get done, but very little painting time. I was almost done on a batch of AoA level scroll blanks that were going into a gift basket until Saturday morning when, upon pouring my coffee I cleverly managed to trip, spill coffee on my hand, and send coffee droplets sailing fourteen feet across the kitchen to where the scroll was sitting patiently on a table waiting for me.

Could it at least fall on a nice unpainted area I still had to complete?

Nope. Smack dab in the middle of the calligraphy area.

I swear, some days, just to make up for how easy an occasional project is or the days my muse is quietly smothering my brain in glitter and joy, that damned little demon is just hanging out waiting for me the rest of them.

In that vein, tonight, I shall attempt to appease the demon, felt the little bugger, stick him in a cage, and put him in my studio - where, like the trolls, he has now been invited in so that he may cause less trouble.

Yah I doubt it'll work either but at least I'll then have cute little felted scribal demons.


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